WasteNoTime is a browser extension which is designed to help you manage your time spent on the Internet more efficiently. As seen on CNet, PCWorld, Forbes, and Wired!

Time Tracker feature gives you reports on what web sites you spent most of your time. Instant Lockdown feature allows you to focus on your work for a period of time with limited Internet access. Time Quota feature automatically block selected web sites when you have spent a preset amount of time on them each day.

Update (2024-01-01) WasteNoTime extension is no longer supported due to Google's enforcement of Manifest V3 on Chrome, which is incompatible with WasteNoTime.

WasteNoTime Time Tracker

This project is inspired by James N. Anderson's LeechBlock Firefox extension.

To download WasteNoTime Safari browser exension, click the link below. Then double-click the downloaded file to install it on Safari browser.

Current releases:

WasteNoTime is also available in the official Apple Safari Extension Gallery and in Google Chrome Store.

Release 3.5.0:

Release 3.4.2:

Release 3.4.1:

Release 3.4.0:

Release 3.3.6:

Release 3.3.5:

Release 3.3.4:

Release 3.3.3:

Release 3.3.2:

Release 3.3.1:

Release 3.3:

Release 3.2:

Release 3.1:

Release 3.0:

Release 2.2.1:

Release 2.2.0:

Release 2.1.6:

Release 2.1.5:

Release 2.1.4:

Release 2.1.3:

Release 2.1.2:

Release 2.1.1:

Release 2.1.0:

Release 2.0.1:

Release 2.0.0:

Release 1.0.2:

Release 1.0.1:

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If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to drop us a message on Follow qgyang on Twitter, find us on Facebook Facebook, or report to us via Chrome Web Store.

If you find WasteNoTime browser extension useful to you, please donate $10 to support the ongoing development work.

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